We Have A Menu For The CosMic Plants Petals & Plates!

We have exciting news!  Executive Chef Jan-Willem Stulp, from the Grand Oak Culinary Market, has just released his menu for the October 28th CosMic Plants dinner.  Here is what we will be having:

Course 1:
Vineland Arugula, and Micro Amaranth, with Cold-Smoked, Beamsville Duck Breast, in a Tart Cherry & Early Cider Dressing

Course 2:
Classic Farmhouse Terrine of Tender Pork, Aromatic Vegetables and Tomato Aspic, served with Herbed Crostini, Vegetable Pickle and House-made Mostarda

Course 3:
Slow-Braised, Ontario Beef Cheeks on ‘Blue Haze’ Mashed Yukon Golds and Savoury Fall Vegetables with Rich Jus

Course 4
Merlot-Poached Bosc Pear, Peppercorn Mascarpone and Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream

*A vegetarian option is available, please contact us for details