Creekside Growers Menu – August 25, 2018

Course 1:
Covington Roasted Sweet Potatoes, with Arugula, Honey, and Toasted Sunflower Seeds
(Round Plains Plantation)

Course 2:
New Limburg Craft Stout and Aged Cheddar Bisque, with a Hounds of Erie Cider/Horseradish Cream
(New Limburg Brewery/ Dennis’ Horseradish)

Course 3:
Slow-Braised Prime Beef Ribs, with Su’s Mushrooms, and Aged Gunn’s Hill Cheddar, in Rich Jus
(Townsend Butcher, Su’s Farming, Gunn’s Hill)

Course 4:
Dessert; Local Berries, with Blueberry Wine, and Floral Chantilly
(Rowan farms/ Blueberry Hill)

*A vegetarian option is available, please contact us for details